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Carradale Forest and Cnoc nan Gabhar Walk

The wife and I decided to do the Carradale Forest and Cnoc nan Gabhar Walk…in Storm Malik may I add! Mad, I know but it was great.

Obviously we knew the storm was coming in, so that changed our original plans so we decided to do a route that had some shelter so we headed to East of Kintyre and in to the woods.

The Route

The route we decided on was a circular route which was roughly just over 7 miles according to Liz’s fitbit and was very easy going. There is a slight incline leading up to Cnoc nan Gabhar, aka Deer Hill, which does come off the better track and can be pretty slippery underfoot.

Carradale Forest and Cnoc nan Gabhar Walk Route

Along the way there is the option to break off from the main track and head up to Deer Hill from there, this is steeper and under wet conditions pretty slippery in places, but we kept to our route and thoroughly enjoyed our walk.

Alternative Rout to Deer Hill

I was using the OS Maps for the first time to assist in navigation, although to be honest for this route it is not really needed but I will say I was impressed with it’s accuracy especially when out of phone signal.


I used the walk mostly as recce for Landscape Photography, I had the Canon RP with me but given the wind I didn’t stop much to get the setup.

I did however grab some images from my smartphone for reference as seen below.

Photography Geek Talk

So on our way down from Cnoc nan Ghabar Trig Point I decided to stop and get the RP out.

I should have stopped on the way up! The light was better but I though it might get better after the showers passed, not really tbh.

I decided not to bother with the tripod as it was too windy, I think they were forecasting 60mph gusts or thereabouts and when exposed it certainly felt like it.

I decided to take a few images looking down at Carradale Harbour handheld and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the image.

I would have preferred the passing light to have been over the village itself but it does a job of grabbing the viewers attention to the area I want them to be.

Handheld, Canon RP, 24 – 105mm f4 RF Lens at 91mm, ISO 100, f4, 1/1000 of a sec with a 2 stop grad filter on for the sky.

Carradale from Deer Hill
Carradale from Deer Hill

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