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Knockscalbert Walk

Knockscalbert Walk Trig Point

On a nice Sunday afternoon Liz and I took the weans up the Knockscalbert Walk to the trig point, we weren’t popular very quickly lol

At least we drove most of the way for them so they didn’t have to walk that far but not even half way up we weren’t the most popular.

Anyway not much really to say about this wee walk, easy route starting adjacent to the tv mast then just head up the hill so I’ll share some of the images from the smartphone.

We had seen a lot of folks bagging the trig points during lockdown so we have decided to bag a few ourselves, checkout Kintyre Walks Facebook Page for more from others

Change of Perspective

I have been up the tv mast a fair bit taking photo’s or even to the farm land just as you drive up photographing Davaar Island so I thought I would have an idea of the landscape.

However, a change in height, change of angle really does change the perspective. A few meters from the top of Knockscalbert I really liked the view of Davaar Island so decided to capture an image on the Canon RP.

Photography Geek Talk

As it turns out, I really really like this image. There is room for improvements but I think when you study the image and understand the composition it grows on you, or maybe that’s just me as I look at them more than most.

I’ll get the technical stuff out the way first. Canon RP, 24-105mm f4 RF lens shot at f11, 1/10th of a sec at ISO 100.

Right, the composition…I moved the lens as close to the grass as I could without it intruding the image and causing a distraction, even at f11 it is blurred but that works, for me anyway.

Usually I like all of my image to be sharp but this is one of these cases where the out of focus foreground works well. The purpose of the blur is to allow the viewer to look passed that which it does but the more I look at the image I find myself coming back to it to see if there is anything else in there.

The mid ground and Davaar Island. I’m not sure if you have noticed but I raised the tripod up enough so that I have separation between Davaar Island and the mid ground so that you know they are separate elements.

In one of my smartphone images above you can see there is no separation and I think it makes a big difference to the image.

Aisla Craig…Have you seen it yet lol. I love how in the far off distance the Ailsa Craig is barely visible and adding another element.

I also love the moody sky which I am using a a frame along with the blurred foreground, so essentially about 2 1/3rds of the image are framing elements, but in the 1/3rd viewing element there is a lot for the viewer to disect.

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Always Look to Improve

There is one main element missing from this image that for me would just have been the icing on the cake…light!

Had I waited 10 minutes I would have got it. Honestly, on the way down the sun broke out from the cloud spraying shafts of lights randomly over the landscape…gutted I was but I still like the image.

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