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Storm Franklin at Tangy Bay

So this time it was the time of another storm to batter the West Coast of Scotland…so naturally I grab the camera and head out for Storm Franklin at Tangy Bay.

I parked the car up at the parking bay at Tangy Rd turn off and hopped over the road barrier then followed the little path down into the little bay I was planning in shooting.

The tide was high and the strong gusts were creating too much foam for my liking in the area I was hoping to photograph so a quick 10 metre walk took me to a decent location.

No Light, No Problem

One thing that landscape photographers crave is good light, that’s why most of the time you will see some nut job at sunset or sunrise propped up on the rocks or out in a storm with their tripod trying to capture a good image and hoping for the sky to ‘light up’.

However, I knew this time that wouldn’t be the the case, no light, no problem as the image would be all about the sea here. And as Henry Turner discusses in his video here, is light over rated.

When you have a fairly busy image as you can do when shooting seascapes light can take the viewer away from the action, so for me the images below work pretty well.

Shelter from The Storm

I had positioned myself behind a large rock to give me some shelter form the storm and stop my camera moving as I was shooting pretty long shutter speeds considering the wind but that was the speed I was needing to capture the movement in the water and create a bit of dynamic tension in the image.

One thing that I am bad for is when I find a decent composition is to overshoot. I sometimes capture the best image with my first shot but will fire away another 100 – 200 images thinking I will get a better one, but I don’t.

Canon RP, RF Lens 24mm – 105mm f4 at f11, 0.6 of a second ISO 50

Storm Franklin, Tangy Bay, Kintyre

Take a Look Around

One thing I am trying to do more is to take a look around for a better composition rather than wasting time and light staying in the same position when you know you have one in the bag.

And I did do that here, albeit not far but it doesn’t take much to change an image.

Canon RP, RF Lens 24mm – 105mm f4 at f11, 0.6 of a second ISO 200

Storm Franklin, Tangy Bay, Kintyre

After this image I walked about 5 metres to capture my next one, again hiding behind another rock. I just loved how the Cormorants were standing on the rocks whilst Storm Franklin at Tangy Bay was blasting waves at them

Canon RP, L Lens 70 – 200mm f4 at f16, 0.4 of a second ISO 50 with ef adapter with a 1:1 crop in post editing.

Cormorants in Storm Franklin, Tangy Bay, Kintyre

Then a bit further round this rock I found this cracking little gulley in the rocks that I could sit in and set up the tripod , get the 24-105mm back on and capture this image below.

Canon RP, RF Lens 24mm – 105mm f4 at f11, 1.0 of a second ISO 100

Storm Franklin, Tangy Bay, Kintyre

Photography Talk

Anyone else keep forgetting they have their polarising filter on or is it just me? Man since I have got back into photography I keep forgetting about this filter.

I use a Nisi v5 filter system and the polarising filter is a pain in the bum as it is a screw in filter but I keep forgetting I have it on, usually left on from my previous shoot. It doesn’t make a huge difference but It does reduce the light by about a stop, which when the light starts to fade can be an issue.

Also, if not polarised correctly it can also cause problems, the lack of light on this day actually worked in my favour by not casting glare on the water or rocks.

So, all my images above had the polarising filter on also.

Wifey, if your reading…I want one of those magnetic filter systems btw, love ya 😉

Changing lenses when the water spray is everywhere is not a good idea, however I did have ample cover and had my sensor facing down at all times when the lens was off.

Usually I shoot my seascapes at 0.5 of a second but on this day I was really liking what 1 second shutter speeds were giving me, as seen in my last image.

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Perhaps you prefer a black and white image…

Storm Franklin at Tangy Bay

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