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Landscape Photography from Scotland

Sunset at Bellochantuy

Any one who has followed my photography over the last few years will know that I just love to shoot a Sunset at Bellochantuy, this is my go to location.

I just love the shoreline here. It offers so much for composition and you can mix it up so much with shutter speeds, going for a long exposure or keep it short to capture the realism.

One thing for sure, you will walk away with a half decent image.

Ultra Wide Angle or Not

My main aim was to get the Samyang 14mm Ultra Wide Angle on and get up really close to the foreground subject and fill the foreground with that but before the sunset I was really impressed with the swell and the waves that were coming in.

I spotted what would end up being my main composition within a few minutes but decided that I had time to kill so walked along the beach for a bit to see if anything else caught my eye.

Nothing in particular stood out but I did like the waves, so the 70-200mm got fired on, please note that changing your lenses in strong winds at a beach is not recommended but if you do then protect your equipment from the wind as much as you can.

Wave Upon Wave

It really was a case of wave upon wave. They were coming in quick and often…but I feel I still suck big time at capturing them.

At this position I was trying to get some images of the ‘White Horses’ where the wind blows the water spray backwards from the wave making them look like galloping horses.

The problem or solution would be to have a slower shutter speed. I say problem as with the very strong gusts and shooting anywhere from 135 to 200mm and handheld then you need a shutter speed equivalent to the focal length to ensure a sharp image.

Perhaps the slower shutter speed will capture the blowing spray much better but it could come at a cost in image sharpness on a day like this.

Anyway here are my attempts below, click on the image for full size:

Adjust The Tripod

I returned to the composition I noticed on the way in and got setup. Normally my tripod is down low, however I wasn’t really liking what I was seeing on the back of the camera so decided to adjust the tripod to about mid height to create a bit of separation in the rocks, and then again to full height.

Low angle:

Sunset at Bellochantuy
F16, 0.5, ISO 50 14mm

Mid Angle:

Sunset at Bellochantuy
F16, 1/8, ISO 50, 14mm

High Angle:

Sunset at Bellochantuy
F16, 1.0, ISO 100, 14mm

Got to admit, I like them all lol. Changing the height of the tripod from the low angle to the high angle really does make a difference to the image. Whilst I like them all the shutter speeds make the images look and feel different. It’s hard to say which angle is the best due to this as well as the change in orientation from Landscape to Portrait but I think going high you need to shoot Portrait.

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